Volt Rotterdam

Thinking European, acting Rotterdam

We are Volt, a grassroot Pan-European political movement. We are active on the European, national and local level and run for the local council in ten Dutch municipalities, including Rotterdam! Rotterdam is a diverse city, no neighbourhood is the same. With a sea port of global importance, innovative entrepreneurs, and excellent international education the Rotterdam region breaths European cooperation.

That is where the future lies, but we must keep equal opportunities for everyone in mind. We must empower the citizens for their voices to be heard. In order to achieve this we want to be the new movement that joins the Rotterdam local council. We are in full campaign mode and we invite you to meet our candidates and read our election manifesto.

Election day for local council is March 16, 2022. We want to proclaim our positive approach to politics in the Rotterdam local council; therefore we are electable in Rotterdam. We think European and act local. Creating connections and looking forward by turning our values into plans for Europe is how we create a society with equal opportunities and shared luck. Open dialogue and trust are at the heart of our approach. Trust between citizens and trust in the political system are crucial in a democracy and can only be reached by working in Brussels, The Hague, and in Rotterdam. Vote Volt!


Municipal councillors

In the municipality of Rotterdam two municipal councillors from Volt have been elected. See the brief introduction below

Imane Elfilali

I stand for an inclusive, creative and green Rotterdam with affordable housing, jobs and promising education. You are safe in my Rotterdam, regardless of who you are, what your name is, or who you love.

Tim Kind

I want to join the local council with Volt to reduce the distance between city hall and the citizens by focussing on smart, transparent, and accessible municipal services for all citizens.


Our election manifesto in your own language

Our volunteers have been busy translating the introduction and summary of our election program to other languages. We don't have all languages yet, so if you want to help out with the translation please send an email to rotterdam@voltnederland.org!


Can you vote Volt?

Check the decision tree to see whether you can vote for Volt Rotterdam during the Municipal elections

Do you have questions or would you like join us? Send an email to rotterdam-rijnmond@voltnederland.org

For more information in English, contact our Europe team lead Marjan van Parijs at marjan.parijs@volteuropa.org